Bon Appetit Management Company at Andrews University is a full-service dining facility. We are the premiere vegan + vegetarian food service and catering company in the Southwest Michigan area. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, school lunch and various vending machines across campus. Our primary meal offerings are located at the Campus Center of Andrews University in the Terrace Cafe and Gazebo.

We provide vegetarian-oriented meals that are nutritious + wholesome for students, faculty, staff and guests. We maintain food of a superior quality and appearance at all times, and have a high standard of safety and sanitation. We strive to avoid the waste of food, supplies, manpower, and talent. We provide a meaningful work experience for all our employees and all those who have chosen related services as a career.

We strongly believe in serving you only the freshest food; food that is prepared from scratch, using authentic ingredients, and created in a socially responsible manner. To us, a dining room is a gathering place, and breaking bread together helps create a sense of community and comfort. We care about your health, and hope to enrich your life with wholesome ingredients and the delicious recipes we use. We are passionate about great food.