Have you ever wondered where our local produce comes from?

local.produce_header.imageAs many of you know, we buy local produce at AU Dining Services. But you probably don’t know who some of the vendors are. So you are able get a taste of all the wonderful produce and products from around our area, we would like to share some recommendations for great local offerings.

First, of course, is Andrews Student Gardens. You can find out all about them and their services and produce by going to their website here. Their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and Farm Stand programs are things to try. A rather large local vendor is Shelton Farms in the Michiana Area. You can see all they have to offer here. They not only have the farm, but there is also a Farm Market, Garden Center and Wholesale Company! Almost a one-stop-shop really. A great place for all your berry needs is Leduc Farms in Paw Paw, Michigan. You can find out more about their offerings and farm information by going to their website here. They have a lot of fun facts, recipes, and nutrition information about blueberries and strawberries.

Where do you like to shop for local and fresh produce?


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