School Lunch: How has it changed?

This year, the School Lunch program to Ruth Murdoch Elementary, Andrews Academy and the Crayon Box have changed for the better! We now provide a more nutritious and balanced selection for your children, and more up-to-date menus and information on our website ( The menu item selection used to be based on the government’s pyramid of balanced nutrition. However, they have switched to the MyPlate program for a more well-balanced diet to follow.

With our program now being based on the new government guidelines, we have started to provide more options for your children’s lunch. There used to be only two options to choose from for a main entree– either peanut butter and jelly or the hot entree items. Now, we offer beans and rice in addition to the original peanut butter and jelly and hot entree choices. More choices, hurray! In addition to providing more options, we are also making all menu items healthier with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

If you would like to view the most up-to-date information or monthly menu, you can go to the Dining Services website. The menu shows what is being served at each school and which schools will not be having school lunch for specific days.

Is there any other information about the School Lunch Program that you would find helpful?


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